The Office of International Migration in collaboration with the government of Sierra Leona and the United Kingdom (UK) on the 24-25 September 2020 held a two day National Consultative Forum to validate Sierra Leone’s National Migration Policy at Golden Tulip Hotel, Aberdeen Freetown for the first time since independence in 1961.

Among the invited government contributors to discuss the structures and put validation policies in place for further consideration by Parliament of Sierra Leone for the good of Sierra Leoneans include Office of Interimmigration, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Social Welfare, Internal Affairs and the Network of Ex-Asylum

Seekers (NEAS), a leading Civil Society organization working on the welfares of ex-asylum seekers.

In an interview with the National Coordinator of NEAS, Abdulai Daramy reiterated that he has been advocating for policies leading to legislation for migrants, returnees and deportees. He further expressed gratitude to all those who have participated to make the forum a reality. He said that the discussion amongst delegates was very educative and when legislated it will lead to a solution to the plight of migrants.

“ It was really pathetic for a country like ours to exist without laws bordering on migrations and other associated individuals who fall in the category of returnees and deportees” he stressed. According to him, he sees better opportunities like jobs creation for returnees and deportee by government run institutions like NACSA to invest in the area of agriculture and other social opportunities that may be available after the normalization of the outline policies to become law in the not too distant future.

Daughter of Sierra Leone, a charitable organization has on last Thursday 24th September, 2020 boosted the Freetown Cheshire Home at Race Course, Cline Town with learning materials and food items.

The National Coordinator of the Network of Ex-Asylum Seekers (NEAS), Abdulai Daramy has urged the Sierra Leone government to resist the arbitrary deportation of ex-asylum seekers and refugees from the United States of America (USA) and some European countries; noting that it is in contravention of the 1961 Convention, the 1967 Protocol and the African Union, UN and the Geneva Conventions on Human Rights.

The short-lived quarrel which broke out recently in the ruling Sierra Leone People’s party over its leadership in Parliament has been amicably resolved without any dissenting view.

State House, Freetown, Friday 14 February 2020 - Members of the Human Capital Development Secretariat have met with civil servants at State House to discuss specific targets set in the Human Capital Development, HCD, a flagship portfolio of the New Direction government.

Over the past days, the management of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) was on the limelight. The social media was inundated with a video documentary regarding allegation on the Authority’s Fire Tender supplying water at Graton Village community in the Western Rural District.