Investigations by The Satellite have exposed the Correctional Services management of undermining the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the security apparatus of the Pademba Road Maximum Prison.

Findings revealed that under the current management, correctional officers are often constrained to have their usual monthly ration because of negligence of the authorities to act honestly; thereby undermining morale and performance level.

It was also revealed that recently, Ministry of Finance made financial allocations to the correctional service to pay contractors supplying food to the correctional centres, but the Director General preferred paying old contractors, neglecting current contractors supplying food to the centres.

Even though government owed them billions of Leones since last year, these contractors thought it prudent to supply ration because shortage of food in prison centres is a serious security threat to the state.

As the aggrieved contractors are threatening to put on hold any further rice supply to the prison centres if payment are not effected, the Director General’s discrimination in effecting payment to contractors may compromise security apparatus of Prison centres.

Sources further revealed that the limited number of personnel manning the maximum Pademba Road prison was caused by the Director General whom they accused of withholding the approval of recruitment of correctional service officers by government.

Meanwhile, aggrieved contractors are calling on government through the Ministry of Finance to intervene and commence payment to present contractors directly in order to prevent withholding of supply to prison centres.