When a certain very corrupt and morally bankrupt former Treasurer from the Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB) goes about bragging about becoming the next Managing Director of a Bank he had looted so much that the Bank almost became bankrupt, it is evident to how some of our compatriots have always taken us for granted with brazen recklessness and audacity. And using such inconceivable nonsense as bait to lure few unsuspecting staff into an unholy alliance against a substantive MD, the results are often filled with frustrations, anger and disappointment. Who is this former Treasurer? Our investigations will soon reveal.
It is however important to note that this big 'alejo', who has an age old obsession for toppling one of the most transformative bank CEOs of our time has, as one of his strategies, the habit of soliciting help from some female staff of the Bank to gather the intelligence he needs to unseat his boss. We have carefully investigated some of these female staff and would soon be exposing their nefarious dealings with a desperate incorrigible, psychotic imbecile.
When he was caught stealing a whole bowser of fuel in the past and had to grovel on the ground, begging an erstwhile MD for clemency, many were unaware that the Bank was grooming an unrepentant rogue and demagogue.
We hold no brief for this former Treasurer at the Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB) but we are certainly not oblivious of our responsibility to prevent and expose any act that may threaten to reverse the gains made over the years in one of Sierra Leone's major financial institutions. And we are certainly not naive to know that this individual has been a major player in the all-too-familiar plot of using a former female employee to blackmail the current MD with fake and repugnant sexual harassment allegations.
It equally staggers our imagination to learn that this individual, who happens to be the real sexual predator at the Bank, has been one of those key figures that are using the dismissed female employee and some paid gender activists and newspapers to cry sexual harassment. What the public may not be aware of is the fact that this former Treasurer, who is Director in one of the Bank's departments, is so obsessed with sleeping with every female staff that he has been nicknamed 'Mr. Yearnie' in apparent reference to his uncontrollable libido. But who really is this masked devil at Rokel Commercial Bank (RCB)?