Mohamed Farrah Sesay, an indigene of Bambukoro Village, Sengbeh Chiefdom, Koinadugu District was declared wanted by their traditionalist, Karifa Thonronka, following his disappearance from the Poro Bush.

The gentleman does not understand about Poro Society and he had never wanted to be initiated into the secret society that resulted to his diaspperaring into thin air just a few hours to the initiation rites at Bambukoro Village.

Consequently, the Traditionalist has declared Mohamed Farrah Sesay wanted dead or alive on the grounds that he has already been introduced to the secret society but escaped without undergoing the initiation rites.

Whiles speaking with one of the close family members of Mohamed Farrah Sesay, who identified himself as Abdul Sesay, he said Mohamed visited Bambukoro following the death of his father who was a staunch member of the Poro secret society.Abdul furthered that the problem of Mohamed started when his family compelled his widow Mother, Manty Sesay, to marry to the younger brother of Mohamed’s late father by the name of Karifa Sesay as their tradition demands, noting that the uncle requested Mohamed Farrah Sesay to replace his late father in the Poro secter society.In an exclusive interview with Manty Sesay, the mother of the missing Mohamed Farrah Sesay, she explained that his son’s roommate and friend, Saio Marrah told the society members to come at night to take Mohamed for the initiation ceremony without his consent.

She disclosed that a serious scuffle ensued between Mohamed and the society members in the room and they overpowered and dragged him to a forested area believed to be the secret shrine of the Poro society, where he was subjected to the initiate stage of the initiation rites but he later escaped after two nights.

A member of the Poro secret society, who asked not to be named for fear of not being killed for exposing the society, confessed that the process was extremely cruel, inhuman, barbaric, exccruciatingly painful and unenduring for any normal person to undergo, adding that Mohamed must have traversed through dangerous terrains to escape the Poro secret society initiation. As at press time, the whereabouts of Mohamed Farrah Sesay were still unknown.

Since the pre-colonial era, secret societies have played a dominant role in the politics of African societies including Sierra Leone and over the decades, they had been so powerful that they would go to the extent of becoming so dangerous that even the law enforcement officers could see their secret shrine as a no-go area.