In an impressive powerpoint presentation in the Boardroom of the Sierra Road Safety Authority on Wednesday 4th January, 2023, the Managing Director of Autospect (SL) Limited, Mr. Muhieddine Itani highligted the newly enhanced security features of Vehicle fitness and Licences regime to stakeholders in the transport sector, where the latter expressed their satisfaction and called on the SLRSA and Autospect to commence the new fitness test and securitised Vehicle Licences operations as scheduled.

Mr. Itani took the stakeholders-Drivers Union, Bike Riders Union, Keke Riders Union and Indegenous Transport Owners - through the embedded security features in all the new products - Vehicle Number Plates,Vehicle Licence and Vehicle Identification Card.

He added that the objective of reviewing the SLRSA products was to address the many challenges relating to fake and duplicated SLRSA products. He said the new number plate has security screws which cannot be transferred to another vehicle. He noted that the new fitness centre would mitigate accidents and protect road users by ensuring preventive maintenance.

The Autospect Managing Director added that the SLRSA- Autospect partnership ìs a customised solution to enormous challenges in the transport sector.

SLRSA Executive Director, Rev Smart Senesie intimated that despite the new development the Authority negotiated and has just effected minimal increment in tariffs. He encouraged stakeholders to spread the good news to their membership across the country.

The stakeholders were taken on a conducted tour of the new Autospect vehicle fitness and licences centre at Kissy Road.

Meanwhile, Autospect is set to launch operations at Kissy Road on 12th January, 2023.

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