The attitude of Sierra Leoneans generally to wish bad to happen to others made a disgusted late president Ahmad Tejan Kabbah as he was fighting tooth and nail to make peace with Foday Sankoh’s RUF rebels, whilst some in his government sought behind his back to derail the process made him remark that “Salone man get bad hart”.

With the tendency to wish our leaders ill, many have asked what we stand to gain if misfortune befalls our leaders. Leaders are ordained by God Almighty to protect and bring solace to his people. As such, they are God’s deputy on earth among mankind. Thus, to wish evil for a leader is to wish one’s self evil.

We know that there are many in the opposition that would want to hear this very moment that president Bio has dropped dead. Believe, they will immediately throw a big party to celebrate that the one who is exposing their corrupt deeds whilst they held power has gone on to meet his Maker.

It is very clear to see who Bio’s enemies and detractors are. They are the ones who through their merciless remorseless criminality impoverished this nation and reduced the majority of its citizens to the status of the wretched of the earth that now want to be let go scot-free to enjoy the fruits of the eleven years plunder of the wealth and resources of this nation. God forbid.

Psychologically, it is unintelligent, highly immature, emotionally stunted individuals who take no responsibility for their actions who wish horrible things on others when they don’t get what they want. They don’t let it go. This is their first and only response

Those in the opposition who wish bad for president Bio are those who feel out of control and think they are not being heard or listened to. They are in a situation that frightens them and feel at a disadvantage as their past misdeeds in office which they now fid to be very embarrassing and shameful are being exposed. They have a very deep psychological problem that they cannot cope with and thus can only react angrily by wishing evil on their tormentor. There are others for whom wishing evil for others is a source of great enjoyment or satisfaction. These are called sadists.

However, whatever his enemies, detractors and haters would wish bad to happen to him, the fact remains that President Bio is undeterred, unwavering, resolute and committed to the cause of making Sierra Leone a better place for one and all through the enforcement of the rule law, zero tolerance to corruption, lawlessness and indiscipline as he strives to free the people from poverty and to march them on into shared prosperity through prudent management of the state and its finances and resources, so help him and the New Direction Government O Mighty God.