In a significant stride towards enhancing the nation's transport sector, the Minister of Transport and Aviation, Alhaji Fanday Turay, signed performance contracts with the heads of various agencies under his Ministry's oversight today.

This initiative underscores government's dedication to improving safety, reliability and accessibility within the transport ecosystem.

The signing ceremony, hailed by Minister Turay as a milestone, aligns with President Bio's firm commitment to inclusiveness, accountability and transparency. By setting clear performance expectations, the Ministry aims to unlock the massive potential of the transport sector, ensuring it becomes a pillar of national development.

"The performance contracts signify our collective action to elevate the standards of our transport services," stated Minister Turay. "We are dedicated to fostering an environment where safety and reliability are paramount, and where every citizen has access to efficient transport options."

The heads of agencies expressed their profound commitment to achieving the goals outlined in the contracts. Working closely with the Ministry of Transport and Aviation, these agencies will strive to implement innovative solutions and best practices to meet and exceed the set targets.

This initiative is expected to drive substantial improvements across various facets of the transport sector, including infrastructure development, regulatory compliance, and service delivery. The performance contracts are a testament to the ministry's proactive approach in addressing the challenges and opportunities within the sector.

As the nation looks forward to witnessing the positive impacts of this initiative, the Ministry of Transport and Aviation remains steadfast in its mission to transform the transport landscape, making it safer, more reliable, and accessible for all.
Credit: SLPHA Media