Africell Telecommunications Company is revolutionizing the telecommunications landscape in Sierra Leone through its innovative Africell Customer Care Engagements (ACE) initiative.

Speaking on Radio Democracy 98.1's Good Morning Salone program, Managing Director Shadi Gerjawi highlighted the company's unwavering commitment to customer priorities, satisfaction, constant communication, and rapid response times as the pillars that distinguish Africell from its competitors.

"The Africell Customer Care Engagements (ACE) initiative is designed to ensure our valued subscribers are well-informed about Africell's operations, products, and services," Shadi Gerjawi explained during the interview. This nationwide

campaign involves extensive radio and television engagements, reinforcing Africell's dedication to maintaining open lines of communication with its customers.
Shadi Gerjawi emphasized that Africell's customer-centric approach is what truly sets the company apart. "Our primary focus is on prioritizing customer needs, ensuring their satisfaction, and providing swift responses to their inquiries.

This is what differentiates us from other telecommunications providers," he stated.

In a bid to celebrate and appreciate their customers, over thirty Managers and Directors from Africell are actively participating in this initiative. "Our customers are the heart of our business. As their expectations grow, so does our commitment to enhancing service delivery," Shadi Gerjawi added.

Africell is also advancing technologically to meet the diverse needs of its users. The company operates on various segments, offering 2G for voice calls and 3G and 4G for data services, depending on the capabilities of the customer's device. Notably, Africell has launched its 5G network, which is in the final stages of implementation.

Mr. Gerjawi mentioned that only 8% of the country, mainly areas with low population density, remains to be covered, but Africell is steadfast in its goal of achieving 100% network and internet availability across Sierra Leone.

This initiative underscores Africell's commitment to bridging the digital divide and providing top-notch telecommunications services to every corner of the country. With Africell's ongoing efforts, Sierra Leoneans can look forward to a future where connectivity is seamless and customer service is unparalleled.