Her Excellency, Madam Fatima Bio has set the record straight after responding to fake news peddling on social media by her detractors purporting that she has been tested positive of coronavirus.

In allaying the fears of the populace, the first lady said “I am hale and hearty and so is my family member including Mohamed who has been awarded a certificate of being negative of the virus after spending 16 days in quarantine.”

She called on those who are desperate for peddling fake news and wishing evil to befall their fellow countrymen to desist and be nationalistic since it will undermine the fight against the spread of the deadly virus.

She also expressed grave disenchantment over the desperation of some people who want coronavirus victims in the country to be disclosed without recourse to their right to privacy which is very paramount.

The first lady recounted that America, United Kingdom and other advanced countries with better-quality medical facilities do not disclose the identity of sick patients.

“I could not even imagine that people will demand the identity of sick coronavirus patients in Sierra Leone, neither publish their photos on social media, instead of sympathizing with them,” she fumed.

She therefore urged all to continue adhering to the coronavirus measures instituted by the government to prevent the virus and to save lives.

Purported agents of known opposition politicians hell-bent on discrediting the first lady and her husband as well as distracting from the good works of the pro-development New Direction government have since President Bio came to power two years ago tried unsuccessfully to paint the first lady in a bad image for standing staunchly by her husband, as well as berating some people close to the president that are not working diligently in the new direction.