Hassanatu Konomanyi

Several women across the capital city were arrested and detained by the police for alleged unlawful gatherings on Monday 4th July, 2022, popularly known as Black Monday. While the majority of these women have been released, this press gathered that a few others are still detained, including an in-law to popular opposition politician and former Minister of Lands, Housing and Country Planning, Diana Konomanyi.

She (Diana) notified this press that her in-law, Hassanatu Konomanyi, has been detained for 5 days at the Aberdeen Police Station just a few hundred meters from her residence after being arrested outside her workplace, Sierratel Aberdeen branch, on the said day just because she was wearing black in commemoration of the Black Monday demonstrations by women across the country.

“She is not even a politician and was not even out to protest when she was arrested just outside her office as she was heading to work. She has 2 young kids, as young as 2 years old that have been deprived of their mother only because of me. I know I am the target and this continued attitude of the SLPP government to harass and harm my supporters and family is undone and must be put to stop,” she said in an interview with this press.

Hassanatu Konomanyi in prison
Hassanatu Konomanyi in prison

She continued that she is worried as some of her supporters and family members have suffered major harm from this government both through the police and thugs.
This press found out that Hassanatu was in fact transferred from the Aberdeen Police Station to a small police post at the Aberdeen Beach where she was spotted locked in a cell that is visually unimaginable to keep any human being.

The Officer-in-Charge at this post could neither comment as to why Hassanatu was held in his custody nor who brought her to the post.
Hassanatu could barely speak and looked hurt and weak. Our journalist was able to secretly take a photo as shown.

Hassanatu Konomanyi in prison