The Satellite Desk can authoritatively reveal that another lawsuit awaits the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) if the party rejects the endorsement of former sacked Vice President, Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana and other expelled stalwart members ahead of the National Delegates’ Conference.

Investigations are that majority of stalwart members in the APC are of the opinion that if the reinstatement of former sacked Vice President by Chairman of the APC Interim Transition Governance Committee (ITGC), Alfred Peter Conteh does not hold, Sam Sumana will not be qualified to contest for the flag-bearer election at the convention this year.

While supporters of the erstwhile APC 2018 presidential standard-bearer, Dr. Samura Mathew Wilson Kamara, have retorted that the expulsion of former Vice President Samuel Sam Sumara from the party must stand until the National Delegates’ Conference decides otherwise, supporters of the latter have threatened to go to court for the interpretation of those endorsements.Supporters of Sam Sumana have argued that the Committee Chairman has the mandate to reinstate stalwarts that were either suspended or expelled from the APC based on the fact that the High Court judgment instructed that all matters in the party must be resolved ahead of the National Delegates’ Conference.

The ITGC Chairman, Alfred Peter Conteh, in his press release cited certain clauses in Justice Fisher’s judgment dated 28th April, 2022 ordered to resolve all unresolved membership issues prior to the National Delegates’ Conference in accordance with Article 10 of the APC Constitution of 2022.

The release, however, was met with a stern warning from the an advisory press statement by the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC) to the APC ITGC following an attempt by the Committee Chairman to reinstate former sacked Vice President Sam Sumana and other stalwart members that had been expelled, contrary to the 2022 party constitution.The Commission backed its warning by citing the second limb of Paragraph 90(10) (4) of the judgment in tandem with Article 13 (f & g) of the 2022 Party Constitution with the view that, members that resigned, expelled or otherwise forfeited their membership of the party can only be reinstated or readmitted by National Delegates’ Conference, the highest decision-making body of the party.

The release furthered that the forum for all meetings of the Committee must not be less than eleven of its twenty-one members and this is informed on the fact that His Lordship in his judgment was very unequivocal when he stated in Paragraph 90(10) (6) of same.


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