The APC National Secretary General, Lansana Dumbuya, is reported to have misfired big time by signing the 11th May, 2023 press release condemning the already issued voter ID cards for the Saturday 24th June, 2023 multitier elections and threatening a nationwide demonstration, which has been corroborated in a video on social media by Lawyer Ady Macauley, an APC stalwart that served as Commissioner of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) during the Koroma Administration.

Among other things, the APC press release condemned the voter ID cards and further cited several unsubstantiated and thoughtless points about the forthcoming June 24 multitier elections.
According to the controversial, fearless woman politician, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, “I became completely amazed about how politics can truly disfigure the image and integrity of people and lead them to do what they should have never in their right senses and perhaps out of the tribal pool done,” adding, “Lansana Dumbuya has disgraced himself and it seems to me that his lawyering skills and decency has bucked down to mediocrity led and propagated by the Jihadist ventriloquist.”
She furthered that “the first mess the newly elected Secretary General of the APC has done is to follow the dictate of Adebayor to officially put his own signature on that nonsense press release to condemn the voter ID cards that have been issued to almost 80% of eligible voters for the June 24 elections for almost over two months now.”
Dr. Sylvia Blyden charged: “Because APC has lost strategy to win the elections, elected the wrong standard bearer who has petitions hanging over him as presidential candidate; standing criminal trials for corruption and already convicted by the COI, the failed Team A Jihadist APC has planned to obstruct the electoral process because they have sensed and clearly seen defeat.”
The Publisher let the cat out of the bag: “I raised alarm about the August 10 insurgency but nobody listened; I warned about the April 27 sit-down strike and it still fell on deaf ears. Now, I’m also bringing to your attention, another diabolical strategy employed by the Jihadist and their spokesman to ferment another unrest. Hope I will be taken seriously for what I say going into this June 24 elections.”
Dr. Blyden warned that the international community is looking at APC as their incessant lawlessness is leading Sierra Leone into another ugly situation, adding, “Your leadership even though I’m part of it, has proven to be more dictatorial and undemocratic than those we criticized in power. This Team A has exhibited disrespect for our laws and if you continue on that path, you risk dragging this country into another chaos and anarchy.”
She queried: “Your presidential candidate praised this ID card, almost 80% of voters have collected their ID cards, the electoral calendar had long closed…. Why do you want to use an undemocratic means to address a democratic issue?”
She added: “How can you at this last minute overturn ID cards your presidential candidate had praised and he is on records for that?”
Dr. Blyden however warned APC to give Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans peace. She harshly concluded: “Not all of us are interested in your backward and lawless political gimmicks. We warned you before and you failed to see the direction we were pointing to. We want to put behind us these elections and get on with our socio-economic activities that benefit us the most.”



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