Orange Money, the widest and biggest digital mobile money transfer in Sierra Leone, enhances cashless transactions in doing businesses in the country.

It continues to lead in digital innovation for ease of access to money by mobile money users even in remote communities in the country including overseas money.

Orange Money takes the lead in actualizing the Sierra Leone Financial Inclusion Project implemented by the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL) through the Central Bank – the Bankers Bank.

The undeniable fact is that Orange Money is now the biggest bank in the country with majority of the population carrying money in their phones irrespective of the networks the person is using.

Orange Money’s partnership with commercial banks makes it possible for customers to move money from Bank to Orange Money Wallet and from Wallet to Bank crowns it all for the ease of doing business in the country. It improves AC\Finance and stimulates economic activities and growth.

Customers of any mobile network, be it Africell, Qcell or Sierratel, can use Orange Money even if they do not use Orange sim cards. They just need to scan and download the Orange Money Africa App from their google play store and install in their phones.

Orange Money has created the enabling environment for ease of doing businesses as customers can undertake any business transaction both locally and internationally.The launch of Orange Money for all service last year was to answer to the hue and cry of Sierra Leoneans who wanted to belong to the Orange Money Family.

That new service caters for every Sierra Leonean irrespective of the network the customer is using, but it is only applicable to smartphone users, such as iPhones and android phones.

Orange believes in innovation and digital inclusion for all Sierra Leoneans to come onboard in the Orange Sierra Leone landscape.

The customers considered the new service as a game changer in the market as Orange Money service has been in the country for a very long time.

“Orange Money is a force to reckon with and we need to celebrate this success. Orange Money is offering many services for ease of doing transactions. With

Orange Money, we can now sit in our bedrooms and directly receive overseas money in phones,” customers averred.

The company can assure of making lives better for people now and in the future.


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