Statement from the Sierra Leone Ports and Harbours Authority (SLPHA) Regarding Recent Industry IncidentThe Sierra Leone Ports and Harbours Authority (SLPHA) has become aware of various reports circulating on electronic and social media platforms concerning an incident that tragically resulted in the death of a Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) employee, Mr. John Conteh (RIP).


 Considering the misconceptions surrounding this incident, SLPHA would like to clarify the circumstances and provide accurate information regarding the unfortunate event that occurred at the Exclusive Concession Zone of Freetown Terminal Limited (FTL), which allegedly led to the accidental death of Mr. Conteh.

1. Safety Measures
The Queen Elizabeth II Quay is a high-traffic operational area involving heavy trucks, machinery, and cargo. Due to the nature of these activities, accidents can unfortunately occur. As a standard policy, we emphasize the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE) for all personnel and users of the facility. Access to operational areas is strictly regulated always requiring proper safety gear.

2. Production of CCTV Footage
Contrary to recent reports, the SLPHA clarifies that it does not possess CCTV footage of the specific area where the incident occurred. Requests for such footage from SLPHA are therefore inaccurate. However, the appropriate authorities have been directed to liaise with FTL to obtain any relevant CCTV footage.

3. Measures Taken by SLPHA
The Management of SLPHA has engaged with MSC, FTL, and the Sierra Leone Police to ensure transparency, accountability, and a thorough investigation of the incident. Furthermore, MSC and FTL leadership have been directed to fully cooperate with the authorities and provide any necessary information to aid the investigation.“

The SLPHA extends its heartfelt condolences to the family of Mr. John Conteh. We assure them, and all concerned parties, of our full cooperation and support in the ongoing investigations.
We encourage the public and all interested parties to approach this incident with sensitivity, provide support to the affected family, and continue to uphold rigorous safety protocols at the Freetown Port.