In a decisive move to combat drug trafficking and abuse in the Southern Region, the Minister of Local Government and Rural Affairs, Ambassador Tamba Lamina, on Thursday 6th June, 2024 appointed the Regional Commander South, Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), Mr. Brima Kanneh, as the Deputy Head of Anti-Kush Taskforce and underscored government's commitment to addressing the escalating issue of illegal drugs, particularly Kush in the region.

The commendation ceremony, which took place at the Bo City Council Hall, Bo Government Reservation, attracted numerous stakeholders who pledged their support to the ongoing efforts to eradicate drug trafficking.

The taskforce is expected to greatly benefit from AIG Kanneh's extensive experience and unwavering dedication to public safety.

Before his appointment, AIG Kanneh received commendation from the Resident Minister of South, Mr. Mohamed E.K. Allie, who lauded his exceptional leadership and relentless fight against Kush.

Minister Allie highlighted AIG Kanneh's role as a pivotal figure in the region’s anti-drug efforts, emphasizing the need for strong and committed leaders to combat illegal drug activities effectively.
In his acceptance speech, AIG Kanneh expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity to serve as the Deputy Head of the Anti-Kush Taskforce.

He expressed his determination to tackle the drug issue head-on and to mitigate the adverse effects of drug abuse on communities. AIG Kanneh stressed his commitment to working diligently with his team to bring about substantial positive changes in the fight against drugs.

The appointment of AIG Kanneh is seen as a strategic move to enhance the taskforce’s leadership and effectiveness. His track record of dedication and success in combating illegal drug activities promises to bolster the taskforce's efforts to protect the community and ensure the safety and well-being of the region's residents.

In another development, AIG Brima Kanneh on Thursday 30th May, 2024 spearheaded the security operations for the Bo District Traders Union elections held at the Methodist Youth Resource Centre in Bo City.

Under AIG Kanneh’s dynamic and robust leadership, a team of well-trained police personnel ensured a safe and secure environment throughout the election process. Their presence was instrumental in preventing potential disruptions, ensuring the elections proceeded smoothly without any incident.

He emphasized the importance of collaboration between police officers and election officials to maintain the integrity of the voting process and ensure accurate recording of results. Effective crowd control measures were implemented to prevent conflicts and maintain order.

The newly elected Executive Members of the Bo District Traders Union are Esther Pendema Koroma, Chairperson, Mohamed Turay, Deputy Chairperson, Mr. Sulaiman Kamara, Secretary General, Mamie Magao, Financial Secretary, and Alpha Bah, Public Relations Officer (PRO).

The Bo District Traders Union expressed their gratitude to AIG Kanneh and his team for their professional and reliable security services, which were crucial in the successful conduct of the significant event.