The Zainab Sheriff inspired Big Sister Sierra Leone 2018 Show that has generated so much fervent interest at home and abroad among Sierra Leoneans and other Africans, especially in Nigeria has boiled down to a show of strength and personality contest between Fatmata Kula Momoh and Haja Fatmata Kamara aka China Nicky.

As it is, the two female stars have divided the city in particular between East and West – with the East supporting China Nicky and the West supporting Kula.

It has even taken on a political flavor, with reportedly China Nicky drawing the majority of her supporters from All Peoples Congress members and supporters, and Kula from the Sierra Leone People’s Party.

Reportedly, Kula has more personality than China Nicky. Although she comes from a very poor family, Kula has acquired class for herself through hard work and determination. She is product of the Annie Walsh School and an FBC graduate.

On the other hand, China Nicky who has featured with Sara De Great commands a lot of respect and following as an entertainer and a socialite.

It remains to be seen at the end of the day, between her, Kula and the remaining contestants in the House who runs away with the star prize.

What is accepted is that Kula and China Nicky have made a name for themselves on the Big Sister Show, with everybody saying kudos to Zainab Sheriff, AYV Media Empire and Africell for putting up a show that has grabbed the attention and imagination of the nation both at home and abroad.

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