In fulfillment of its legal obligation, Socfin Agricultural Company Sierra Leone Limited on Friday March 5th made payment of Le482 000,000m for land lease of Zone "A" area as per the lease agreement 15th October 2012 between the lessee and the Government of the Republic of Sierra Leone for the period 5th March 2021 to the 4th March 2022.

The area of Zone A is 16,248.54 acres × USD 285/acres = USD 46 ,308 amounting to 482 000,000 Leones at the bank exchange rate was paid in the presence of witnesses and representatives of government, CSOs and journalists in Sahn Malen.

Speaking on behalf of PC BVS Kebbie at the special ceremony, Chiefdom Speaker, SR Moiguah, once more commended Socfin for prompt payment noting that Socfin is God giving and has continued to change the narrative of Malen Chiefdom forever. The Chiefdom Speaker in brief outlined the impressive CSR done by Socfin inclusive of construction and furnishing of primary and Secondary schools (Junior and Senior), payment of stipends to teachers whose names are not on government payroll , construction of roads , repair of highways to and from Sahn, payment of local taxes, cultivation of Boli lands for lower Malen and IVS for Upper Malen, providing solar lights for health facilities alongside water wells, toilets, building community Barry's across the Chiefdom, creation of thousands of jobs for the growing youth population, giving micro funds amongst many others.

Concluding, the Chiefdom Speaker lavished praise adjectives on the government of HE President Bio particularly for commissioning the newly extended mill from thirty to sixty tons per hour, thus making the mill the largest in Africa.

For their parts the District Officer Pujehun, Mr. Ishaga M Turay, Agricultural officer Mr. Alex Fissan praised Socfin for prompt fulfillment of its obligation and further encouraged them to continue with their good work.

Speaker after speaker heaped praises on Socfin for their tremendous work in the chiefdom and the major investment in the country.