A senior executive has told the Satellite that no quick fix fire brigade action can put out the raging fire inside the main opposition All People’s Congress party that has been caused by the intense struggle for power by different factions that have emerged within the party.

He said attempts to put out the fire burning in the APC house have been made by several party elders but to no avail.

The intense power struggle, he said uncompromisingly, will continue unabated in the already fragmented party as long as the party Chairman and Leader, Ernest Bai Koroma and Secretary General, Osman Foday Yansanneh and other national executive officers continue to impose themselves in office after expiration of their tenure.

Hence, he said their continued stay in office despite widespread condemnation from majority of party executive, especially sidelined and molested 2018 presidential candidates has further deepened the acrimony and widening the divide, which is equally problematic and repulsive, perhaps even more than the court cases.

The upset executive said even though Alfred Peter Conteh has requested High Court to rescind its order to allow the banned party executive participate in the emergency National Delegates Conference summoned for the ratification of its new constitution, it would not end the impasse since the Court has to look into the substantive matter.

He said after the emergency conference, the leadership squabble in the party particularly for the party’s 2023 presidential candidate will become more exacerbated as majority of the 2018 presidential candidate sidelined by the party Chairman and Alfred Peter Conteh will oppose the current executive taking the party to the National Delegates Conference that will elect new national officers.

He said until the thick skin Ernest Koroma led executive do the honorable thing and quit office, the party, he said will never see peace due to the high level of sycophancy and hypocrisy being exhibited by the elites of the party.

In February this year, a senior APC official leaving in exile in the Gambia wrote that “The rank and file, and by extension the general public, is not oblivious the APC is laden with an internal strife the preponderance of which are the polarization of party executives across all structures by flagbearer aspirants’.