As part of it’s cooperate social responsibility, SAC promised local populations full compensation for leased land, development investments, and jobs to support their livelihoods.

In compliance with its responsibilities and actualizing the agreement as done in the previous years, SAC has today 29th October 2021, paid yearly lease rental to landowners in ‘Zone B’.
A total of 15,491.49 acres of land at USD2.85 per acre, amounting to USD44, 151 equivalents to Le 507,773,455 at the commercial bank exchange rate obtainable has been paid to the land owners.

Prior to this, on Saturday, September 4, 2021, the company also paid yearly lease to landowners in ‘Zone C’ for 13,907.17 acres of land at USD2.85 per acre, amounting to USD39, 365, equivalent to Le.417, 269,000.

Making the presentation in the presence of dignitaries within the district including the head of ONS chiefdom authorities, district officer, military commander, a representative from police and Ministry of Agriculture and among others, Philip Tonk, General Manager of the company revealed that the payment represents 50% of the lease as legislated, and a further 20% has been paid to the district council, 20% to the chiefdom authority account and 10% percent to the central government.

Tonk submitted that the payment will cover the period from 5 December 2021 to the 5th December 2022.

Joseph Belmoh SAC Liaison Manager said, after the payment to the local authorities, the payment distribution to the beneficiaries/landowners is supervised by his office to make sure that the right people are getting the money and that the payment list is presented to his office after distribution.

He however submitted that the management of the company is tirelessly negotiating to the central government for the increment of the percentage allotted to landowners in meeting the demand of the cry of the people. The people have always demanded that they own their lands and should be paid the lion share.