One of the most determined youthful stalwarts in the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), Bassie Kamara, will tomorrow Saturday 14th January, 2023 declare his intention to aspire for the flag-bearer position of the party ahead of the Saturday 24th June multitier elections.

The declaration ceremony, which will take place at the APC Secretariat on Old Railway Line at Brookfields, Freetown, will attract a throng of party stalwarts, supporters and sympathizers in support of Bassie Kamara’s candidacy.

The exuberant presidential aspirant, who seems to be comfortably enjoying the grassroots support of the party from both within and without, has dutifully served in several capacities in the party to the admiration of party members, supporters and sympathizers.

His unmatched contributions to the party have attracted grassroots members and supporters at home and abroad, who have expressed their unfettered desire to ensure that the APC leadership provides a level pain field for Bassie Kamara to contest for the flag-bearer position of the party.

The popularity of youthful Bassie Kamara is predicated on his honesty and righteousness to lead the APC, his clean political record and penchant to unite the party have encouraged many party members and supporters to choose him as the liberator of the party ahead of the June, 2023 multitier elections.Many concerned stalwarts and supporters that granted interviews to this medium stressed that given the stainless political record of Basie Kamara and his personal and national achievements, his presidential candidacy will attract more support that can lead to an APC victory in the upcoming presidential election.

They furthered that Bassie Kamara, who also contested for the flag-bearer position for the 2018 presidential election, is the fittest candidate that will increase the chances of APC to regain governance.

According to an admirer, “Though Bassie Kamara did not succeed in the 2018 flag-bearer contest, his courage and interpersonal relations with party youths and elders have increased his popularity among the grassroots people of the party.The admirer described Bassie Kamara as “man of the people who always attends to the needs of people with a sense of purpose – to serve mankind.”Investigation by this medium indicates that Bassie Kamara is the most appealing candidate for the flag-bearer position in both the main opposition APC and the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) strongholds across the country.