The Political Parties Regulation Commission (PPRC) on Tuesday 9th May, 2023 launched a Strategic Communication Plan with a view to deepen dialogues and engagements with political stakeholders and to further consolidate PPRC’s critical role as fair and trusted political parties’ regulatory agency.

The formal launch of the plan took place at the recently refurbished conference center of the Commission in the presence of political parties, the media, civil society organizations and the project donor – the European Union (EU).

The strategy, which was developed by PPRC in consultation with political stakeholders with the financial support from the EU and technical assistance by the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA), is designed to support the PPRC to effectively communicate its renewed mandate and functions as enshrined in the Political Parties Act of 2022; inform the public of its activities; and foster trust and confidence among political actors and citizens at large.

Speaking on behalf of International IDEA, the Head of Sierra Leone Country Programme, Dr. Idrissa Mamoud Tarawallie, said “the Sierra Leone Democracy Strengthening Programme will be here to support the PPRC and other electoral and democratic governance institutions including the media long after the elections, as part of its overall objective of supporting democratic consolidation in Sierra Leone.” While launching the plan, the Chairman of PPRC, Mr. Abdulai Masiyambay Bangurah Esq., said in his keynote address that “the work of the PRRC, among other things, includes communicating our policies and process to political parties and other stakeholders.”

Speaking on behalf of the EU Delegation to Sierra Leone, Serena Britannia (Head of Governance and CSOs) stated: “The European Union remains committed to supporting Sierra Leone’s democratic consolidation initiatives, and we hope that the development and launch of the new PPRC Communication Plan will further strengthen the Commission’s capacity to engage meaningfully with the political parties and electoral stakeholders and effectively implement its mandate.”

The development and formal launch of the PPRC Communication Strategy was made possible through the Sierra Leone Democracy Strengthening Programme that is funded by the EU and implemented by International IDEA.

International IDEA is an intergovernmental organization that advances democracy worldwide, as a universal human aspiration and an enabler of sustainable development, through support to the building, strengthening and safeguarding of democratic political institutions and processes at all levels.

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