Leone Rock Metal Group recently marked a significant achievement in its commitment to corporate social responsibility by inaugurating a Bike Riders' Office in Kamasondo, Lungi-Lol, Port Loko district. The event on September 30, 2023, demonstrated the company’s dedication to supporting the development of the communities they primarily operate in.
The ceremony was attended by community leaders, local government officials, LRMG staff, and members of the bike riders’ association, symbolizing unity and embracing progress in the region. This initiative aims to foster collaboration between LRMG and the community, emphasising its commitment to the area's welfare and progress.
Situated in the heart of Kamasondo, Lungi-Lol, the newly established office benefits not only bike riders but also the entire community. Part of LRMG's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program, the Bike Riders' Office acts as a hub for the association, offering essential services and facilities, including an Administrative Center, Safety and Training Center, Community Meeting Space, and Security which is timely and much needed.
As the ceremony unfolded, KRP’s Community and Security Manager; Alhaji Mohamed Turay, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing the significance of Kamasondo as an important operational community for the company, he added "Our commitment to sustainable development goes beyond mining. We are dedicated to supporting the communities where we operate and ensuring that our presence leaves a positive impact. This Bike Riders' Office is just one example of our ongoing efforts to empower the community and enhance their quality of life."
Mr. Baiadam Ballay, Chiefdom Rider’s Chairman, conveyed heartfelt appreciation for LRMG's generous contribution, highlighting the newfound organizational capabilities and enhanced safety measures that the Bike Riders' Office offers.
Honourable Member of Parliament, Mr. Ismail Sankoh, commended LRMG's dedication to corporate social responsibility and highlighted the transformative impact of the newly donated office on the association and the community's well-being.
The local riders' association expressed their gratitude for the new facility, emphasizing its role in streamlining operations and enhancing transportation services within Kamasondo, Lungi-Lol. As the community celebrates this milestone, the partnership between Leone Rock Metal Group and the community stands as a beacon of positive change, showcasing the potential of collaboration between businesses and communities for mutual benefit.
The construction of the Bike Riders' Office exemplifies the positive change that can arise when businesses prioritize community development. Leone Rock Metal Group's commitment to its corporate social responsibility serves as a commendable example for other enterprises operating in the region, fostering hope and unity in Kamasondo, Lungi-Lol.

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