The ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) Chairman in Kono District, Saffea Moiwo, who travelled and trekked the nook and cranny of the district during the election campaign, finally delivered the diamond-rich district for his party as promised.

Out of the ten parliamentary seats in Kono District, the SLPP won seven whilst the remaining three went to the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC) party.

During the campaign, the SLPP District Chairman, Saffea and other stalwarts in the SLPP traversed the length and breadth of Kono visiting almost every community in the district with the messages of hope and the development of the district, citing examples of some of the good work the SLPP has done in the district.

Council Chairman together with other SLPP stakeholders ave reached out in most communities in Kono to ensure that President Bio re-elected in his second term bid in first ballot.

The Chairman is a household name in the district to win the Council Chairmanship hands down.

He has proven to be a fervent politician to reckon by the leadership of SLPP with the multitudes voters turnouts for the party.