Orange Sierra Leone, the most reliable and widest telecommunications company celebrated Customer Service Week (CSW) on the theme: “One Team, One Goal” from the 2nd – 6th October, 2023.

Orange commenced the celebration of CSW with a launch witnessed by staff of the company, government representatives and the media held on Monday 2nd October, 2023 at the Orange Headquarters, Regent Road, Hill Station in Freetown.

Speaking at the event, Orange Chief Executive Officer, Sekou Amadou Bah, underscored the importance of the CSW, pointing out that Orange is striving every day to be better in the service of their customers.

He further acknowledged the role of the call center team, back office, shops, agents, amongst others, in all corners of Sierra Leone to deliver services to customers.

According to him, CSW is a celebration of their core values, reflection of their journey so far and a time to purse and take a step back to appreciate achievements.

A representative of the Ministry of Communications, Technology and Innovation, Dr. Abdulai Sankoh, commended Orange on its strides in ensuring network connectivity nationwide. He further underscored the importance of bridging the digital divide and the role of Artificial Intelligence and Technology in promoting innovation and technology in the country.

“Today we join the rest of the world to celebrate Customer Service Week. It is one of the most important weeks of the year from the 2nd to 6th of October 2023. It is time for us to highlight the great work that Orange Sierra Leone employees do for our customers. I also believe it’s time to think about our customers as well. Hence, it’s a great time to ask the important question. What does our customers want.

Customers actually want a great experience and customer service play a big part of that. It goes beyond the frontline interacting with customers. As proven by our Customer Perception Day launch for 69 Days flat that has become an iconic activity not just for us in OSL but also for Orange as a Group. I would like us to put our hands together for the great strive we have made together to becoming the most customer centric / transversal company in the group and I believe in Sierra

Leone as well. It shows that Customer Service goes beyond just a Department. It is the responsibility of every employee to give our customers whether internal or external a good experience. This is why I believe that Customer Experience is a philosophy that has become a part of our company’s culture. Every employee has an impact on the Customer Service and Experience an organization provide to its customers. Customers are people and they just want to be treated right. As a

company we want to be better in customer service, we want to do something different, we want to be different for our customers, We wanted to be transparent by interacting directly with our customer [live chat / my customer my boss] to establish trust. We wanted our customers to love us. At the same time, we know we are not perfect but we were ready to face our fears with a goal to serve our customers better by ensuring that we fix things when they go wrong.

I have come to realize even more that its so amazing to serve people and humanity and that is through customer service. But what is more important are the impressions we live behind during every interaction which is a unique opportunity for our customer to form an opinion.

This is why this day is important because our Agents at every touch point have to come to work and put on a smile on their faces every day and be nice even when they are having a bad day.
This is why AI is important; where the convergence of AI and human creativity promises a harmonious future.

AI is revolutionizing customer service and transforming the way organizations manage customer experience. As a customer experience leader, it’s crucial to understand the potential of AI and how to leverage it effectively to elevate and not deduct from the customer journey.
A focus on using AI on delivering positive CX is not just good for business, its good for society as a whole.

The questions is not why AI to complement CX but why not AI to complement CX? This is why Orange Sierra Leone must make the conscious steps to take advantage of AI to improve our service delivery and commitment to our customers.

The public sector being the world’s largest service provider, any improvement in public services will positively impact millions of people. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the private or public sector. Consumers want you to know them, to understand what goals they are trying to accomplish by doing business with you.

Today’s theme is [One Team, One Goal] which is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives,” Orange Customer Experience Director, Alpha Bundu, stated.