In a bid to dispel recent allegations of monopolizing the Rail and Port operations in Sierra Leone, Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG), the parent company of Kingho Railway and Port and Kingho Mining Company, has stepped forward to set the record straight. The company assures Sierra Leoneans that it is committed to creating a level playing field by opening up the Rail for multi-user access.

Salim Sillah, the Chief Technical Officer representing LRMG, has repeatedly advocated for cooperation with other businesses, urging them to sign agreements to utilize the Rail. To demonstrate their dedication to collaboration, LRMG has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with CTC ensuring smooth operations and fostering a vibrant mining industry in Sierra Leone.

LRMG emphasizes that its objective is not to monopolize the sector but to revamp and develop the mining industry in partnership with other mining companies. The company asserts its readiness to engage with the Government of Sierra Leone and its people, affirming its commitment to transparent and mutually beneficial collaboration as always.

As Sierra Leone continues its journey towards economic growth and development, it is imperative that accurate information prevails and misinformation comes to a halt. Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG) invites all stakeholders to embrace a spirit of cooperation, paving the way for a thriving mining sector and a prosperous future for Sierra Leone.