Contract Identification Number:MoF/ADMIN/NCB/005/07/2019
Issues Date: 26th July, 2019
The Ministry of Finance (MoF) has set aside funds for it operation during it Financial year 2019. It intends that part of the funds be used to cover eligible payment under the contract for the provision of Air Conditioner Maintenance. The Ministry of Finance (herein after referred to as the client) seeks Expression of Interests from professionals and duly registered and licensed firms. The main objectives are to carry out Air Conditioner replacement, Maintenance and servicing at the Ministry of Finance.
To provide professional Maintenance Services, parts replacement andregular Servicing of all Air Conditioners of the Ministry at all times within the time frame specified in the contract agreement.
Potential A/C maintenance services providing firm is requested to provide a brief description of the methodology for performing the assignment.
The following caption MUST be provided for under methodology;
A/C Replacement method
Parts replacement method
Routine service method
Timing of servicing
Maintenance Method
Reporting method
The Ministry is currently running approximately Air conditioners which are in good working order. Their capacities vary from 9000 BTU to 24000 BTU. Heavy duty standing A/Cs are also situate at the main conference room of MoF.
Prospective AC maintenance service providing firm are therefor expected to perform the undermentioned work within the contract time frame, without any consideration for future work and strictly avoid conflict with other assignment or their own corporate interest.
1. The Air Conditioners Maintenances provider shall provide regular servicing of Air Conditioners in all offices and Ministry confines.
2. The Air Conditioners Maintenances provider shall not be hired for any other assignment that will be in conflict with their prior or current obligation at the ministry.
3. Replacement of Air Conditioners at the Ministry.
4. The Air Conditioners Maintenance should be Repair and Refrigerate regularly.
5. There should be replacement of spear parts for Air conditioners and Refrigerator.
6. The Maintenance Service provider shall be responsible to pre-finance all maintenance exercise.
7. Provide professional maintenance advice for all maintenance related activities of the ministry.
8. Routine servicing of all A/Cs
The contract shall last for a period of one year during which period, the Estate officer will on a quarterly basis, submit a report detailing evaluation of the Maintenance service provider and an assessment of it capability to undertake the exercise.
MoF will request for proposals shortly and accordingly intend to issue Request for Proposal to those professionals who will express their interest and provide initial relevant information demonstrating their ability to fulfill the Ministry requirement. The Expression of Interest should specify relevant information about the firms/professionals, profile capacity / capability in addition to the following documents:
- Business registration/Renewal Certificate
- A Valid NASSIT Clearance Certificate
- Evidence of previous contracts of similar nature undertake for at least three years
- A valid NRA clearance certificate
- A Valid Municipal or Local Council Business License
The Ministry of Finance reserves the right in selecting the invitee for the competitive bidding base on substantial and proven record of performance in the subject field of activities and mere submission of an Expression of Interest would not automatically warrant receipt of Request for Proposals .The Ministry reserves the right to reject Expression of Interests submitted after deadline indicated below.
Firms/Professionals will be shortlisted in accordance with the procedures set out in the public procurement Act 2016 of the Republic of Sierra Leone.
Expression of Interests must be delivered directly to the address below not later than12:00 noon, 23rd August, 2019 with the inscription‘’Expression of Interest for the provision of Air Conditioner Maintenance Services’’.
Please note that this Expression of Interests is not a Request for Proposal (RFP) and therefore Financial Proposals are not required to be submitted with “Expression of Interest”