Africell has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Communication, Technology, and Innovation, marking its commitment to develop a Data Centre in Bo, Tikonko Chiefdom. This initiative positions Africell as the first company to support the Tech City Project in Sierra Leone.

The MoU signing occurred during the 2024 Sierra Leone Innovates Tech Summit at the Bintumani International Conference Center in Freetown. The event drew over 3,000 delegates, featured more than 50 panelists, and included participants from 10 sectors across the four Mano River Union countries.

Under the agreement, Africell will undertake the construction, development, and operation of a Data Centre within the Tech and Innovation City in Tikonko Chiefdom. This project signifies Africell's dedication to supporting technological advancements in Sierra Leone.

Africell Sierra Leone's Managing Director, Mr. Shadi Gerjawi, emphasized the significance of the Tech Summit, stating, "The whole idea about the Tech Summit is to bring tech people together so that they can share knowledge.

We are always working towards finding tech innovators, reaching out, and forming synergies with them. It’s good that the government has brought all of them into one place where we can now discuss the future."

Minister of Communications, Technology, and Innovation, Salima Monorma Bah, highlighted the summit's role in addressing the lack of monetization tools for content creators. She noted that expert discussions at the summit would conclude with an Agriculture Innovation Challenge, inviting innovators to present solutions in support of the government’s Feed Salone program.

"The Government is committed to fostering a culture of innovation," Minister Bah stated. "Our agenda is to create a dynamic platform for young people to showcase their talents, develop solutions, and bring their creative ideas to fruition." She emphasized the importance of supporting innovation across multiple sectors, including agriculture, mining, and transportation.

This collaboration between Africell and the Ministry of Communication, Technology, and Innovation marks a significant step toward advancing Sierra Leone's technological infrastructure and fostering a vibrant innovation ecosystem.