Daniel Bobson Kaitibi is a highly proactive professional with years of experience in computing and Information Technology.

He is a PhD candidate in Health Information Systems, a partnership course between Njala University and the University of Illinois in the United States of America.

He also holds an MSc in Information System and Management from the Keller Graduate School, Naperville, Illinois and a BSc in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Memphis, Tennessee also in the United States of America.

As Head of Department and Head of Business Information Technology at Njala University, Daniel has demonstrated vast knowledge in computer science distribution systems, concurrent systems, website development, telecom management, computer and network security, network administration and management, multimedia technology among others.

He has also served as Head of Business Information Technology Programme in the Department of Physics and Computer Science responsible for the development of online application and registration systems.

The new NATCOM Boss has been consulted for a wide range of local and international organisations including but not limited to UNDP, DfID,
National Council for Technical Vocational and Academic Awards.

He has also published widely and extensively in various academic and development outlets, much of which have been reviewed and accepted by leading academic journals.

Before his new appointment as Director General, Daniel Kaitibi was the Deputy Director General of the same institution, a position where he excelled remarkably, thus leading to his promotion to the Director General office.

Daniel is married and blessed with two sons.