The attention of the National Social Security and Insurance Trust, NASSIT, has been drawn to publications in some Newspapers and the Social media that the "Director General of NASSIT has instructed a two months advance pension to be paid to all categories of pensioners and that all pensioners will now receive two months of pension at every pension payment".

NASSIT wishes it to be known to the general public, our esteemed members and pensioners that this is a misrepresentation of what the Director General said in an interview conducted by 98.1 and AYV T.V.

The Director General informed the general public on those two forums that NASSIT during the March 2020 pension payment paid two months pensions (for the months of March and April) to all Sick Pensioners.

This is a category of Government pensioners that are extremely sick and most of them are bed ridden. As such, NASSIT pays them in their homes or through a third party authorization.

The intention of paying them for two months at the end of March was to maintain social distancing between our Staff and the sick Pensioners in compliance with social distancing regulations of Covid- 19.

This is not an extra monthly pension; rather, it is an advanced payment for two months ( March and April). Their next payment will be end of May 2020 for May and June until the end of Covid-19.

It does not apply to all other categories of pensioners, who will continue to receive their pensions through their respective modes of payment.
Whilst NASSIT appreciates the effort of media practitioners, journalists and social media bloggers in promoting the cause of the Trust, we wish to advise them to clear any ambiguity with the Public Affairs and Events Management Division of NASSIT before making them public.