23 Cantonment Road, Off Kingharman Road
Freetown, Sierra Leone
Name of Project: Strengthening system for health and scaling up of high impact interventions for HIV, Tuberculosis and Malaria to attain Universal Health Coverage
LOCATION: Integrated Health Projects Administration Unit (IHPAU)
REPORTING TO: Procurement Specialist, IHPAU
Date of Issuance: 27th June 2022
Contract Duration: 2 Years (up to 30th June 2024)
The Integrated Health Projects Administration Unit (IHPAU) is an integral structure of the MOHS designed to integrate management of all donor-funded projects. With supervision from the office of the Chief Medical Officer, IHPAU manages donor-supported projects by ensuring quality financial management; timely procurement of Goods and services; and efficient monitoring, evaluation, accountability and learning on all donor-funded projects. IHPAU also perform similar responsibilities for other health projects supported by World Bank, GAVI Alliance, IsDB, African Development Bank, UK Aid, the EU, and UN Agencies.
It is imperative to have dedicated Logistics Officer for Global Fund Project that will help coordinate and liaise with the various team members during the implementation of these Projects.
Purpose / Role
The logistics Officer’s role for the NFM3/ C19RM will comprise of the following:
- Organize and manage inventory, storage, and transportation of grant assets, supplies and other commodities.
- Analyze and optimize logistical processes and procedures.
- Tracking all Health Products, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals procurements (done through Wambo & other Platforms), ensuring that all the necessary duty waivers and other clearances are done on time to avoid additional costs (i.e demurrage and other penalties) being incurred when products arrive in country.
- Ensure the safe and timely pick-up and delivery of shipments.
- Manage the efficient and timely movement of supplies.
Note that the roles and responsibilities are very broad and may include anything needed to set up and maintain operations and frequently involve work with other Agencies such as NMSA to accomplish this objective.
Responsibilities and Tasks
1. Management and Implementation
- Coordinate with Wambo – PPM team, tracking all health products and equipment’s shipment to ensure that all necessary paperwork is processed in advance of goods arrival in Sierra Leone.
- Apply and follow up with the Ministry of Finance and National Revenue Authority for all duty waivers and other customs related documents
- Coordinate with the following stakeholders, Shipping and clearing agents, Transporters, NMSA, NLTP, NACP and NMCP concerning movement of consignments from the Port / airport to the designated warehouses.
- Identify requirements and establish and maintain all logistical infrastructures for administration and operations.
- Work closely with shipping agencies and ensure there are no delays in clearance of goods.
- Ensure that no demurrages are incurred.
- Identify and analyses procurement and transport requirements including those of collaborating agencies and host counterparts as appropriate.
- After delivery of consignment collate the following key Wambo/PPM documents for timely submission to IHPAU finance-: requisition, direct payment notification, shipping and NMSA delivery documents, customs waiver and any other relevant documents related to the consignment.
- Coordinate fleet management, including the development of vehicle plans for fuel and maintenance requirements and costing.
- Coordinate movement of all goods and equipment including coordinate with Warehouse Manager, Implementers, Procurement Specialist and Distribution staff to ensure efficient and timely delivery of health commodities and equipment.
- Ensure that the quality of all services provided meets the required standards of the Global Fund.
- Work with the Procurement Specialist in developing processes that make the supply chain more efficient and organized.
2. Budget development
• Establish funding requirements for logistics function. Work closely with Financial Specialist to prepare the budget for logistics support.
3. Asset Management
- Coordinate prompt and proper movement of shipments
- Work closely with the Security Officer to ensure security of logistics infrastructure including selection, training and management of security staff and delegation of responsibilities for locking and material releases.
4. Coordination
- Respond to directorate, SRs and other grant supporting personnel inquiries and referring them to the appropriate authorities.
- Represent IHPAU in logistics coordination meetings and ensure coordination with partners, local authorities, UN/INGOs and private business partners etc.
5. Administration
- Work closely with Procurement Specialist: to identify personnel requirements and develop labour plan with details of labour requirements and work schedules; prepare job descriptions and management structure including all skilled and unskilled jobs;
- Communicate frequently and appropriately with colleagues, including those whom you report to and work closely with.
• Ensure appropriate filing of all orders to ensure accurate tracking and documentation for audit purposes.
- Ensure appropriate logistics filing systems to include all equipment manuals, maintenance schedules, consignment waybills and other documentation.
- Manage all project vehicles, ensuring coordination with colleagues, partners, and transport contractors as necessary.
- Participate in regular progress meeting with Logistics staff from NMSA, Disease programme, SRs and partner NGOs and follow up with the action points agreed.
- Participate in project planning in collaboration with relevant staff.
6. Key Internal Contacts
- The successful candidate will work with the Team Lead and Grant Manager, Finance Specialist, Procurement Specialist, Procurement Team and Admin.
7. Key External Contacts
- MOHS Disease programs and Directorates, NMSA, DPS and Sub-Recipients, UN (particularly WHO, UNAIDS, UNICEF), GF Pooled Procurement Mechanism (WAMBO Online Platform) and Procurement Officers.
- National / international suppliers and freight forwarders, National customs authorities and/or relevant
- Ministries (planning, foreign affairs, etc.), INGOs / Red cross / UN security officers/focal points if appropriate.
Reporting lines
The successful candidate will report directly to the Procurement Specialist
Selection Criteria
Core Competencies
- Effective communication, including well developed written and oral communication skills. Able to communicate clearly and sensitively with internal and external stakeholders.
- Effective negotiation and representation skills.
- Quick critical thinking and problem-solving abilities
- Works with trustworthiness and integrity and has a clear commitment
- Excellent customer service and client relations skills
- Good organization and time management skills
- Good collaboration, goal setting and team work abilities
- Great leadership and goal-setting skills
- Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
- Ability to ride motorbike with a valid driver’s license
- Advanced data analysis and data visualization
- Expert inventory management
- Ability to use computers, software and other technology for inventory and communication purposes
- Robust understanding of the supply chain, including common obstacles and effective solutions
• Ability to work independently and as a team player who demonstrates leadership and is able to support and train staff
Qualification and experience
- Bachelor’s degree in Business, Logistics, Supply Chain Management or a related field.
- A minimum of three (3) years of progressively responsible experience in logistics, dock operations, or related area is required.
- Previous logistics operations experience in medium-large scale complex emergencies.
- Comprehensive knowledge of the different elements of the supply chain context.
- Capacity to develop work plans and budgets, negotiate contracts, take quick and relevant decisions.
- Experience in multi-donor funding environment will be useful.
- Experience in import clearing, shipping, customs procedures and dealing with clearing agencies.
- Experience in at least two modes of transportation (air, sea and road) including the planning, coordination and execution of large-scale personnel and cargo movement operations at the national level is required.
- Experience with coordinating inputs and preparing formal written communications regarding consignments is highly desirable.
- Experience working in a Public Sector System (inclusive of Ministries, departments and agencies) is highly desirable.
To apply, please send your application (a mandatory cover letter and an updated CV with at least 3 references) to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Only email applications sent to the above email address will be included in the pool of applicants to be assessed by MOHS. No hand deliveries will be accepted. Please also note that your CV should contain your full contact details such as residence address, working mobile telephone number, working email address, as well as those of your three referees.
Selected candidates will be required to sign a ontractual agreement with the Government of Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Health and Sanitation.
The recruitment will initially be for a period of one year and thereafter an annual extension subject to performance and funds availability.
Closing date: Monday 25th July 2022