Over the past days, the management of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority (SLPA) was on the limelight. The social media was inundated with a video documentary regarding allegation on the Authority’s Fire Tender supplying water at Graton Village community in the Western Rural District.



A stunning Press Release was issued out by the Authority allaying the fears of the general public that it will look into the issue in entirety. The event shifted a bit from the use of SLPA Fire Tender at the Grafton Village to something that obviously looked like a smearing campaign on the current SLPA management who has made phenomenal transformation since its inception at the helm of Port Management.

This piece will not border on the Author of the said piece who described himself as a Concerned Sierra Leonean and who could not identify himself and take responsibility, but will sweep through the successes of the current SLPA management under the watchful eyes of Dr. Abdulai Fofana and Yankuba Askio Bio.

• Upon assumption of office, Dr Fofana and Mr Bio saw the need to facelift the Authority. In this regard, Management embarked on a prodigious facelift of the Administrative building which has starved for maintenance and renovation for years. The Administrative building has been rebranded and postulated as a fine eye view structure.

• Repairs conducted by Management at the Kissy and Targrin Terminals have changed the outlook of the two terminals significantly making business safe for pedestrians and other users.The multipurpose building with a lorry car, waiting lounge with other facilities at the Kissy Terminal has been officially commissioned by the new management.

• The Authority has increased its engagements in the periodic muster drill exercise with the general workforce of the Sierra Leone Ports Authority and its operators. This periodic exercise is conducted for security preparedness at the Port and to be able to respond to threats and other security emergencies contributing to the Ports performance and ranking of the ISPS and it has attracted Military personnel from the United States of America and Canadian Navy and Coast Guards.

• The US and Canadian Military Personnel Team were facilitating trainings to the country's security sector including port security and safety.

• Management on Wednesday 13th March 2019 hosted a team of military personnel from the United States of America and Canada Coast Guards and Navy at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay on Obangame Express 2019 training on security and safety. Sixty security personnel were trained and certified as security experts for the port. This capacity has increased security inspection at the port and decreased security threat for goods and port users.

• The Authority has increased the Authority’s US Dollar account by 150% (One Hundred and Fifty Percent) while the Leones account has jumped by 40% (Forty Percent) This development has attracted avalanche of awards from the local and international organizations on SLPA and General Manager, Dr, Abdulai Fofana.

• The Authority, despite its corporate image rebranding, has overhauled the model of doing business and restored its credibility and effectiveness in doing business.

• The Authority also undertook several projects not excluding strengthening of security and intelligent unit, introducing 24/7 anchorage to support Saturday clearance process of Customs.

• The Authority is focused on the following other than social stunt: consolidate improvement in the security sector, increase quality, network with external and professional partners in the Marine industry and introduce systems that will harmonize the work of the Authority in gainful way.