Rokel Commercial Bank is set to unleash "ROKEL SMKORPOR", a revolutionary mobile platform that brings banking into the safe hands of customers. The excitement is palpable with a seductive sense of pride as Sierra Leoneans brace up to savour the fruits of unrivalled innovation from one of their very own commercial banks - Rokel.

On July 28th, representatives from all walks of life would be gracing a launching ceremony where they would be led through the modus operandi of SIMKORPOR. Financial experts say the product has a propensity to situate businesses on positive growth trajectories.

But what is SIMKOPOR??

The product is a cutting edge mobile banking technology that is not only user friendly but exceptionally secured, fast and accurate.

To access the product, the only tools of necessity are an Android Smart Phone and a microprocessor chip that will be overlaid and reinserted on your device. Boom!! ….and you are ready to Go!! Activation is instant - in Nano seconds. All that the customer would do next is follow some step by step instructions that would generate a one-time password for impenetrable security. And guess what!!

Customers without adequate requirements are catered for too. With just an ID card, one would open an account albeit at a certain threshold which can be expanded upon the submission of full requirements for a normal bank account. Obviously, this additional opportunity underscores the Bank’s overwhelming desire to promote financial inclusion.

The service also utilizes 'Agents' and 'Merchants'. A merchant is simply someone that can buy goods with his phone through the help of agents whose responsibility would among other things, be to cash out and receive deposits for customers. The level of collaboration between agents and customers in this aspect of the service is such that the burden of having to trek long distances and spend hours on banking hall queues is completely removed. The ease of banking transaction becomes ever more realistic with this brilliant innovation.

The SIMKORPOR launch has come after the bank had made a staggering Le 60 billion profits in 2017 and a significant increase in shareholder value. Certainly, this was through the relentless efforts of management under the articulate and purposeful leadership of the Managing Director, Dr Gilpin

Indeed, with such positive growth, focus and dexterity, RCBank is on a New Direction....complementing the vision of the government.... a direction towards innovation.... improvement.... profit generation and positive contribution to the SALONE economy.