History made on Friday 18th February, 2021 in Sierra Leone as His Excellency, President Rtd. Brig Julius Maada Bio inaugurates Africa’s largest Palm Oil production factory in Pujehun district, Southern Sierra Leone. Ibrahim Babatunde Sesay reports.

The state of the art Palm Oil factory which was built by Socfin Agricultural Company is the completion stage of the establishment of a 12,349 hectares plantation in Sahn Malen Chiefdom that started in 2011.

Speaking to this medium, the Chief Executive Officer of Socfin Agricultural Company, Gerben Haringsma said, he is very delighted to work with the President of the Republic of Sierra Leone and the people of Malen Chiefdom.
He revealed that Socfin has spent millions of dollars to ensure this day becomes a reality. “We are very much happy to invest in Sierra Leone and to work with the people of Sierra Leone,” he said.

Managing Director of Socfin, Philip Tonks, also expressed similar sentiment of the CEO.

He appealed to all the people of Pujehun and particularly Sahn Malen and the people of Sierra Leone to embrace Socfin.

Socfin’s palm oil plantation of 12,349 Ha and processing plant started in 2011 following the conclusion of the agreement on the project proposal with the Government of Sierra Leone and agreement on the land acquisition with the Chiefdom and landowners.

The plantation has developed around employing local people from communities to work in the plantation. Over 3,500 people are engaged to support plantation operations, making Socfin one of the largest private employers in Sierra Leone.

Socfin supports the 52 communities in its concession area through sensitization programs and Corporate Social Responsibility projects such as water wells, public toilets, community barrys, an administration and drug store for the local health center, electrification of a rural health post, football fields, street lights for the town, a large mosque, mechanical rice cultivation and in-valley swamp rice production, three constructed schools, schools rehabilitation, assistance support to teachers, new roads and access to villages, micro credit, to name but a few.