Engaging with his fellow Sierra Leoneans in the United States diaspora in a town hall meeting via zoom (because of COVID 19 restrictions in the USA), President Julius Maada Bio with a sense of humor has warned Sierra Leoneans not to vote in the 2023 general elections for “Munku” APC politicians.

It was former President Koroma, the party’s current Chairman and Leader who having studied carefully the personality and behavior of the various APC aspirants for the party’s 2023 presidential flagbearer described them during the party’s recent national delegates conference in Makeni as ‘Munku” politicians which has been widely interpreted as uncivilized politicians.

Former President Koroma who said neither the SLPP nor the government has anything to do with the internal crisis in the APC openly berate the self-seeking APC 2023 presidential aspirants as being responsible for the troubles in the APC.

By extension, former President Koroma insinuated that if these APC presidential aspirants cannot see eye to eye and cannot afford to tolerate and accommodate each other and agree to work for the party as a united force, then he does not see how they are capable to provide the nation with the leadership that would unite the people and propel the country towards development.

So President Bio picking on his predecessor’s wise advice to the nation also maintains that the nation should beware not to vote for “munku” politicians in the 2023 presidential elections.

The APC, since it lost powers to the ruling SLPP government in the 2018 elections, it has not only been disjointed and punctured by series of court cases and injunctions but has also left its membership highly divided which saw the formation of splinter offshoots.