Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh has reassured Sierra Leoneans of Government’s resolute stance against illicit substances, particularly emphasizing the fight against Kush in Sierra Leone.

Vice President Juldeh Jalloh made the reassurance during the passing out ceremony at the Sierra Leone Peacekeeping and Law Enforcement Academy (SILEA) on Saturday 11th November, 2023, which marked a pivotal moment as the Vice President addressed the graduating officers.

Vice President Juldeh Jalloh conveyed a strong message to all Sierra Leoneans, emphasizing government’s commitment to tackle the issue of Kush. He outlined a comprehensive strategy involving collaboration between the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Social Welfare, coupled with the active participation of the police force.

This multifaceted approach aims to address the challenges from various angles, encompassing law enforcement, social support, and maintaining order.

According to Vice President Juldeh Jalloh, “I want to assure you that this government has taken a very strong stance against Kush in Sierra Leone. The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Social Welfare are working hard to combine a multifaceted approach with the help of the police force, law as well as psychosocial supports.”

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