The septuagenarian stalwart in the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC), Hon. Ibrahim Ben Kargbo, has confirmed that their political party is divided.
According to the veteran politician and journalist, their party has all it takes to form the next government in Sierra Leone providing there is a major restructuring process since the party is currently in turmoil.

He averred that betrayals within the party would never allow the party to succeed politically thereby widening the division within the party in such a manner that would continue to keep the party in total confusion.

Hon. IB Kargbo acceded that the APC’s litany of problems started from the improper mechanism to choose the right aspirants to contest for the flagbearership im the 2018 presidential election.
He averred that a large number of stalwarts that contested for the flagbearership had the propensity to divide the party into camps.

Hon. IB Kargbo also asserted that the announcement of former President Ernest Bai Koroma’s intended third term divided the party into factions as some were in favour whilst majority were against such political intension.

He furthered that the removal of Chief Samuel Sam Sumana from office as Vice President deepened the political divide within the APC.
The veteran politician also pointed accusing fingers at the National Reformation Movement (NRM) – a political organization formed by young stalwarts within the APC, for dividing the party, adding that the protracted court cases that NRM brought against the party exacerbated the divisiveness in the APC.

Hon. IB Kargbo asserted that the new APC Constitution should be further amended in that the party is left in the hands of a few people for manipulation which, he said, doesn’t create any room for internal democracy within the party.

He therefore suggested that for the party to survive and work towards preparing itself for leadership ahead of the 2028 national elections, there is great need for the promotion of massive reconciliation to bring all the factions together.

Hon. IB Kargbo averred that there is need for a national convention to address the political issues that have threatened to divide the APC.

He described the party as the largest political orgainzation in Sierra Leone with the potential to take over governance but said this can only happen if they are internally structured to provide enough room for honest and democratic practices.

Hon. IB Kargbo concluded that the current division which the party has deliberately created out of greed should be addressed if they are to return to power, come 2028 national; elections.