As the 8th Global Road Safety Week comes to climax, Executive Director of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority (SLRSA) Rev. Smart Kelson Senesie has called for a collaborative stakeholders engagement to ensure safer roads across the country. Rev. Senesie noted that this year's theme: "Be A Road Safety Hero" is strategic and implored road users to exercise caution while on the road, especially now that we are in the rains.

The SLRSA Executive Director encouraged drivers to always have safety kits in their vehicles and adhere to the 80km per hour for those plying provincial routes and 20km per hour for those in urban towns. He remarked that road traffic crashes,injuries, and deaths do not only have a terrible impact on individuals but also impact communities and the country's human capital development, health, and financial resources.

Director of Safety and Enforcement of the Sierra Leone Road Safety Authority, Augustine Kaitongi, called on all road users to be Road Safety Heroes, adding that as a nation we can do so by using the roads judiciously. In times of accidents, we can help the injured to swiftly access the nearest hospital or health centre and not just do videos and put them on social media, the Director of Safety and Enforcement admonished.

Director Kaitongi said road accidents do not only cause grief and suffering, but also ruin a country's wealth with massive costs associated with health care systems and loss of productivity and prosperity, plus economic and social repercussions.

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