At a meeting at State House on Thursday May 21, 2020, President Bio briefed the International Community on COVID-19 and the spate of violence in the country.
The president used the opportunity to brief the international community on government's efforts so far to contain the spread of covid 19.

He also mentioned key governance issues including how government is responding to the spate of violence in Lunsar, Tombo and prisons violence.

President bio clearly stated that violence as a method to engage government is not permissible in a modern democracy. He however called on political parties to engage government constructively on issues dealing with development and governance.

President Bio also used the occasion to inform the international community of his government’s determination to establish a framework to facilitate civil society/government dialogue.

He told the International Community that the role of civil society is vital to strengthening democratic governance and particularly to promote accountability and transparency.

In response, all ambassadors condemned violence and stated clearly that it is not time for political violence.

The international community called on all Sierra Leoneans, including political parties, to support President Bio’s efforts to fight against covid--19 instead of engaging in violence.

They also asserted their support for the president’s effort to fight covid-19 and particularly his initiative to engage civil society.

They believe that President Bio is in the right track and encouraged him to continue his engagement with various stakeholders in the country.