Abu Bakarr Jalloh: Missing in action

Sorrow gripped the Kissy community yesterday May 20, 2018 when vigilante Muslim youths commonly called Tabliq mercilessly beat and ended up killing one Seray Jalloh.

Seray Jalloh pounced upon by over ten hefty Muslim youths wearing black gowns and facemasks at the gas station where he worked.
Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the Tabliqs were heard shouting, “death to all homosexuals in our community”.
As they fled the scene after the ghastly act, the leader of the Tabliqs who are yet to be identified and captured by the police was heard saying, “Abu Bakarr Jalloh you are next! We want you dead or alive and be sure that wherever you are, we shall get you! You kafir homosexual!”