The seminar brought together heads of government institutions including the Honorable Minister of Information and Communications, Director General NATCA, Anti-Corruption Commission, Representative from ONS and the Sierra Leone Police to provide insights on the company’s internal procedures in relation to processing customer data requests in accordance with business law and license obligations.

The protection of personal data is a joint effort and a fundamental right, just like the right to privacy in a democratic society. Orange’s approach is to implement protection on a daily basis with the aim of respecting privacy of its customer’s personal data whilst maintaining confidentiality.

The protection of personal data requires appropriate legal, technical, and organizational measures. The data protection rules on data security ranges from access controls, to securing information systems, raising awareness, encryption of data flows to authorization management amongst others.

Over the years, Orange SL has maintained an accountability approach that is applied in all its sectors whilst processing its customers data . This accountability approach is based on 4 areas coordinated by dedicated governance:
-Cooperating with the authorities by responding to request for customer data from authorized institutions.
- Assessing the risk of breach of personal data.
-Regular monitoring of our internal procedures on processing customer data.
-Develop policies and procedures relating to the protection of Customer data and provide training and raise awareness among employees. 
During the session, participants provided insights and recommendations on best practices to foster improvement of the existing procedures on management of customer data requests process.

Generally, the motive of this seminar is to promote transparency and accountability in the process of handling customer information and also to create a positive dialogue to get feedback from stakeholders on our internal management process on customer data.