Orange Sierra Leone last Thursday 23rd November, 2023 donated food items comprising of rice, cooking oil, onions, tomatoes, Mayonnaise and Maggie to the staff and pupils of Paul School for the Blind at their Baiama Road campus in Bo City, Southern Province, Sierra Leone.

Speaking at the event, the Area Business Manager South, Augustus Bendu, described the event as an all-important one seeing that Management heeds to the cry for help from the staff and pupils of this noble institution.

He said despite the situation of the school, the leadership has not relented in securing support from outsiders and Orange SL being a listening company has heard their cry and responded accordingly.

This, he said, has once again demonstrated the company’s benevolence in extending its support to the physically challenged in society regardless of where they are located.

The Head Teacher, Mr. Mohamed S. Conteh, said the items received can never be timelier than now as the kids are out of food supplies.

He expressed appreciation to the leadership of Orange SL for such gesture, noting that as a school, they are having a list of needs ranging from learning materials, desktop computers, brails to even mobility to take the kids to and from school.

In his keynote address, the Deputy Commercial Director B2B Bollor Orange, said kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see. He said he was very proud of the stakeholders’ relationship between the leadership of Bo and the Paul School for the Blind.

As a business, donation of such nature falls under the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility pillar that is held in high esteem.

He said as a business, Orange SL continues to reinforce its position to not only providing telecommunications services but to also caring for marginalized or vulnerable people in society.

The Deputy Commercial Director furthered that Orange SL is building and refurbishing schools, providing support to the medical sector as well as empowering women and youths in society to acquire digital skills training, entrepreneurs, among others.

Other speakers commended Orange SL for such magnanimity and hoped they would continue with such kindness.

The event was climaxed by an appreciation song by the kids of the school who showered praises on the leadership of Orange SL and the General Secretary.

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