Orange Money, in collaboration with the National Commission for Social Action (NaCSA) and the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), is playing a pivotal role in the implementation of the Third Cohort Contingency Emergency Cash Transfer (ECT) program across 11 Districts in Sierra Leone. The initiative, which commenced on 25th January 2024, is expected to benefit 35,005 beneficiary households.

Emphasizing the importance of thorough supervision, the ACC Deputy Commissioner, Augustine Foday Ngobie, addressed a large gathering of beneficiaries, assuring them that all recipients would receive their payments without any harassment, extortion, or intimidation. Ngobie acknowledged the challenges faced by some beneficiaries during previous payment cycles and assured them that their concerns had been noted and addressed.

Furthermore, to alleviate the challenges faced by beneficiaries in accessing their funds, all payments are being made electronically through Orange Money. Beneficiaries in various districts such as Moyamba, Bonthe, Karene, Falaba, Kambia, Koinadugu, Tonkolili, Kono, Kailahun, and Western Rural Districts are each set to receive the sum of NLe 2,660.

This initiative builds upon previous efforts, including the roll-out of the Productive Social Safety Net and Youth Employment (PSSNYE) project in October 2023, which involved the payment of unconditional one-off electronic (mobile money) cash transfers to 35,000 beneficiary households.

The PSSNYE project, supported by the World Bank and UNICEF with a $40 Million grant, spans from 2023 to 2027 and aims to provide unconditional cash transfers to beneficiary households and create employment opportunities for youth through labor-intensive cash for work and entrepreneurial skills support programs.

By leveraging partnerships and a digital payment system, Orange Money, NaCSA, ACC, and other stakeholders strive to ensure that vulnerable households receive the financial support they need transparently and efficiently. This comprehensive approach addresses immediate financial needs and aims to provide long-term support for youth empowerment and economic stability in Sierra Leone.