In an unprecedented move by the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) to maintain integrity and instill discipline in the ‘Force for Good’, the Complaint, Discipline and Internal Investigations Department (CDIID) headed by ACP Abubakarr Kallon on 24th January, 2024 ordered the demotion of the Local Unit Commander of Kailahun,

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mohamed Morie Kamara aka OC Blama, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Josiah Nicol and Inspector Ansumana for failing to charge a rape matter in Kenema City that was brought to their attention by the Publisher of The Elephant newspaper, whistleblower of the said crime.

Their negligence resulted in assault of the Publisher, vandalizing of his home and property, and threats to his life with his family by the perpetrator and his sympathizers, ultimately leading to the Publisher seeking police protection in Freetown.

After several investigations mounted by the CDIID in Freetown, to whom the Publisher had complained, the said officers were said to have a case to answer and a Disciplinary Committee was set up to hear the matter.

All the said officers pleaded not guilty at the start of the hearing, but after several witnesses and testimonies were heard, and cross-examined by the said officers, the CDIID found the officers guilty as charged on all three counts and issued warning letters to them, and then ordered the demotion of ACP Morie Kamara to Superintendent, ASP Josiah Nicol to Inspector and Inspector Ansumana to Sub-Inspector.

Sierra Leoneans following the matter have commended the Inspector General of Police, William Fayia Sellu, for giving the latitude to the CDIID to take such decisions to instill discipline and enhance public confidence in the ‘Force for Good.’