The Ministry of Trade and Industry last Friday 9th February, 2024 issued a stern public notice alerting citizens to a fraudulent scheme circulating on social media platforms.

The notice highlighted a deceptive correspondence with the headline falsely claiming affiliation with the Ministry and soliciting applications for alleged enterprise grant funding programme. The Ministry’s notice categorically refuted any association with such correspondence, emphasizing that it neither originated nor endorsed any grant of such nature.

The statement underscored the Ministry’s complete unawareness of any enterprise grant funding programme resembling the one described in the fake communication.

The deceptive scheme, which has gained fraction on various social media channels, aims to dupe unsuspecting individuals and businesses seeking financial support for their enterprises.

In response, the Ministry of Trade and Industry issued a clear and unequivocal warning to the general public, urging them to exercise caution and refrain from engaging with the fraudulent correspondence.

The Ministry’s warning emphasized the magnitude of the situation and the potential risks associated with participating in the scam.
It therefore urged citizens to remain vigilant and discerning when encouraging any correspondence purporting to represent government agencies, particularly those soliciting personal or financial information.

The public notice served as a reminder of the Ministry’s commitment to safeguarding the interests and welfare of the populace against fraudulent activities and scams.

By promptly addressing the issue and alerting citizens to the existence of the deceptive correspondence, the Ministry demonstrated its proactive approach to combating fraudulent schemes and protecting the public trust.

The Ministry also reiterated its dedication to transparency and accountability in its operations, reaffirming its commitment to maintaining the integrity of government programmes and initiatives.

Through clear and decisive action, the Ministry sought to deter would-be scammers and safeguard the reputation of legitimate funding programmes administered by authorized entities.