The Sierra Leone Police (SLP) Crime Statistics Report 2023 revealed that a total of 30, 491 (Thirty thousand, four hundred and ninety-one) cases were recorded.
Analysis of crime generally, the report pointed out that out of the 30,491 recorded cases in 2023, offences against women and children recorded the highest number of 10, 063, including sexual penetration, rape and Sexual Gender Based Violence followed by property offences with 7,033 (Robbery, Larceny, House Breaking,

Larceny Bailee amongst other property offences); economic offences with 3, 992 cases (False Pretenses, Fraudulent Conversion, Obtaining Credit by Fraud); road traffic offences and crashes with 3,953 cases; offences against the person 3,827 cases (Murder, Wounding, Wounding with Intent, Assault amongst others); public order offences with 1,435 cases and miscellaneous offences with 188 cases.

The Report furthered that the Family Support Unit (FSU) recorded 10,063 cases compared to 11,613 in 2022. Out of these recorded cases in 2023, 7,927 were domestic violence cases, 323 cases of child offence and 1,813 cases of sexual offences.
FSU however charged 739 cases, 1,052 cases closed, 1,218 cases kept in view and 7,054 cases still under investigations.”

According to the report, the highest rate of offences against women and children occurred in Freetown East with 3,499 cases followed by Freetown West with 1,756 cases, and the Northeast Region with 1,574 cases. Northwest recorded the least number of cases - 555.
For the past years, Freetown East had been known as the region where offences against women and children are mostly committed.

The country realized considerable reduction in the number of cases report to the FSU involving women and children in 2023 with 550 cases compared to 2022.
The Report further stated that there were 30,491 reported cases and out of these figures, 4,161 cases (13.65%) were received and sent to the Magistrates Courts by the Legal and Justice Support Department.

The Inspector General of Police, Fayia William Sellu, said crime prevention and its maintenance is not the responsibility of the security apparatus alone but members of the public as well.

The police boss said the fight against crime in the country would be a huge challenge for the security apparatus without the collective efforts from members of the public.

IG Sellu asserted that the collective fight against criminal activities was intensified before, during and after the 24th June, 2023 multitier elections by members of the public and the security personnel.