The Leone Rock Metal Group (LRMG) in Sierra Leone has paid a total of Le53, 056, 773, 000 (Fifty-three Billion, Fifty-six Million, Seven Hundred and Seventy-three Thousand Leones – old notes) to three chiefdoms as Community Development Agreement (CDA) Fund within their concessional areas in Tonkolili District, Northeast Region.

By paying such fabulous amount of money as CDA Fund, LRMG has set a new standard for mining companies in the subregion.

Since it started operations in Sierra Leone, LRMG has been increasing CDA contributions year in, year out. For example, in 2022, the company paid Le5.6 billion and in 2023, it paid Le20.3 billion CDA Fund before the recent landmark payment highlighted above, thereby setting a new standard each time.

Such significant contribution by LRMG would not have been possible without the conducive mining policies implemented by the Government of His Excellency President Dr. Julius Maada Bio, which prioritize giving back to the people of Sierra Leone, particularly landowning families in mining communities.

The company’s contribution and the praise it is receiving from government stakeholders underscore the importance of transparency and partnership between mining companies and the government in fostering socio-economic growth.

From its inception, LRMG has been dedicated to supporting government's efforts to enhance the mining industry as well as promoting socio-economic progress in Sierra Leone.

By meeting and exceeding the 1% of annual gross revenue Community Development Agreement Fund, LRMG has set an example for responsible corporate citizenship.

That President Bio recognizes LRMG's contributions to national development further emphasizes the positive impact of collaborative efforts between private enterprises and his government.

His Government’s revision of the Community Development Agreement regulations demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to ensure that mining activities directly benefit the local communities and his vision for empowering people and fostering a conducive investment climate was further highlighted during a recent investment meeting with Chinese companies, showcasing Sierra Leone as an emerging investment destination.

The presence of 25 Chinese investor companies from the biggest steel plant company, logistics and shipping companies at the official handing over of the CDA fund just weeks after His Excellency President Bio’s visit to China signifies Sierra Leone's growing prominence as an investment destination. His commitment to empowering the people and fostering sustainable development aligns with LRMG's vision for inclusive growth and community prosperity.