Afrimoney, one of the leading mobile money companies in Sierra Leone, has endorsed and unveiled Emmanuel Rogers aka ‘Atical Foryoh’ as their East End King for one year.

The unveiling ceremony took place yesterday Wednesday 22nd May, 2024 at Hotel 5-10, Kissy in East End Freetown.

Speaking at the unveiling ceremony, Afrimoney Managing Director, Martison Obeng-Agyei, said the people of East End Freetown need to be recognized by way of crowning ‘Atical Foryoh’ as their brand new Afrimoney King of the East.

He said Afrimoney realized that there is a significant population in East End Freetown contributing immensely to the economy, hence the reason they were able to identify Emmanuel Rogers aka Atical Foryoh as their newly endorsed

Afrimoney King, who is positively marketing the company’s different products.

The Afrimoney Managing Director further said East End Freetown cannot be ignored because of its population, noting that the newly endorsed Ambassador of Afrimoney will help popularize the company and its valued products in that part of the capital.

He said Afrimoney has linked with many radio stations nationwide to ensure the public and their esteemed customers are aware of their products and promotions.

The MD furthered that Afrimoney is the only mobile company in Sierra Leone that sends Afrimoney to Afrimoney wallet and undertake EDSA transaction through Afrimoney without paying any charges.

He said ‘Atical Foryoh’ is one the company’s Ambassadors they believe has the potential to contribute back to the growth and development of Afrimoney Company.

Accepting the endorsement as the Afrimoney brand new King of East End Freetown, Atical Foryoh expressed gratitude to Afrimoney Company for identifying him as their East End King among many other Sierra Leonean artistes in that part of the capital.

He assured the Afrimoney team and the company that he would give his best together with his crew to continue marketing the company and its products, as well as promotion through the entertainment industry.
According to Atical Foryoh, he will ensure they attract many customers to join Afrimoney andstart to enjoy the numerous opportunities from the company.