Had it not been for the grace of Allah and helped from concerted community people, Mohamed Kura Sesay who owned a pharmacy at Brima Laneold would have suffered acute tortured in the hands of some unidentified people who raided him on the night of August 10,2022.

The assailants though could not have a grip on Mohamed however succeeded in looting the entire house, raped his (Mohamed) wife and left others with unforgettable stories of life.

The thugs used a vehicle with no registration number marked ‘Paopa’ came with dangerous weapons demanding for Mohamed who by then was hiding in an empty pit in a nearby house, according to eye witness.

I managed to jump in an unfinished house adjacent to the scene of crime not to cover the event but to save my own life, said the unanimous witness, adding that it is so because after the August 10 incident in the morning down to the evening, masked men in a green vehicle were raiding homes of anyone suspected to being part of the demonstration. The men would beat you mercilessly without any fear of being arrested and whisked you to the police station as suspect therefore; young men were forced to desert their homes.

He said, he had witnessed one incident at Bombay Street where a young man was shot inside his house by officers purported to effect an arrest.

The guys violently alit from the vehicle shouting where is the bastard, where is he let finish him, they rushed into the compound and I heard voices from the house calling for help but at that time nobody had the venom to come out as everyone was afraid of his or her life, not because of the curfew but who would listen since the police were seen together with these thugs as they go about causing mayhem, ‘I cannot tell for how many minutes it lasted because, I heard one of the assailants threatening to kill anyone that is against their government, i.e. the ruling government, so I left my hiding site and came back to that scene of crime at midday the following day and realized that three girls were raped, properties carted away and two other boys were seriously wounded.

FatuJah, closed neighbour (not her real name for security reasons) informed this reporter that, earlier in the day, she saw a group of thugs dressed in different attires asking for Mohamed saying that he is wanted by the police, they searched the house for him but to no avail as Mohamed had jumped to a nearby house for safety, but they promised to come back to get him either alive or dead.

We were all in the compound preparing food at about 8:30pm due to the curfew when a group of men with weapons entered and started beating us and that they won’t stop till Mohamed is found, she noted, adding also that she heard the voice of Mohamed’s wife who is pregnant begging them not to rape her but fell on deaf ears also her younger sister(Kadija’s younger sister Aminata) shouting ‘ don’t rape me I am a virgin and under age.

She said they creamed for neighbours to come out but everybody was afraid of his or her life, adding that since they could not arrest or get Mohamed the men started looting valuables in the house and threatened to raze it to the ground.

The thugs left in haste promising to come back to either carry Mohamed dead or alive or they would leave a mark on the compound that would not be forgotten in a hurry, she explained, adding that since they have gone, we rushed into the house and saw both Kadija and Aminata lying naked with blood between their legs unconscious.

Fatu said they started shouting louder assuming that both of them are dead, Mohamed then came from the back and silence engulfed all inside the house. She stated that they begged him to leave immediately to any peaceful or secured place but he –Mohamed, insisted that he can only leave with his wife no matter her condition.

Whilst we were discussing, we heard another heavy knock on the door with the same threatened voices and everyone went into hiding, and since then we could not ascertain or tell were Mohamed is presently, however out of curiosity we visited the mortuary to look for him, but we were restrained to enter as there were many dead bodies littering on the ground. Few days later we heard that he is among those wanted by the government as perpetuator of the August 10 saga.

‘We still don’t know the way about of our son and his pregnant woman – Kadijatu, if they are dead let us be informed because we have heard news about secret mass burial done after the August 10 saga,’ an anonymous close family member lamented.