The Acting Auditor General, Mr. Abdul Aziz, last Friday 17th February, 2023 entreated the technical female staff of Audit Service Sierra Leone (ASSL) to be committed to their jobs and take advantage of emerging opportunities relating to the audit work during a meeting on the 12th Floor of the Freetown City Council Building.

During the meeting, all the female technical staff were given the opportunity to give updates on their personal developments within the ASSL and their academic work.

The Acting Auditor General was impressed with the updates and achievements of the female staff which shows lots of career development among them. He therefore encouraged them to empower themselves and pursue more courses that will benefit them and the office. Mr. Abdul Aziz pointed out that there were so many opportunities for the female staff, adding that the issue of women is always prioritised in most of the meetings he had attended.

The Acting Auditor General furthered that in addition to the three Es of Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness, two more have been added, which are Equity and Environment.

“I am ready to ensure that the female staff benefit from equity and inclusiveness in the office,” said Mr. Abdul Aziz, stressing that with the other E dealing with Environment, the ASSL will be undertaking a series of environmental audits this year and that all environmental audits will require at least one female staff as part of each team.
He commended the female staff who have shown interest in the Certified Information System Audit program funded by the World Bank and entreated others to be part of the program, noting that preference will be given to the female staff as a means of motivation and empowerment for them.

Principal Auditor of the Performance Audit Division, Ivannete Adeniran, commended the Acting Auditor-General for his exemplary leadership as head of the institution. She promised him that the female staff would work very hard and be part of the success stories of the ASSL

Another female staff, Memunatu Tucker, encouraged her colleagues to be committed to their jobs so that they would benefit from the inclusive plans of the office. “This is not just a word of mouth but rather a practical one as some of us have benefited from it,” said Memunatu Tucker.